Muzos makes discovery fun and entertaining

Welcome to Muzos, the gamified music discovery platform that rewards you for exploring new sounds. Sign up now and win rewards while exploring new music!

Get Rewarded for Discoveries

Meet the Prizes

Muzos partners with variety of brands to offer you a chance to win valuable prizes.

Let's fix music industry together

Each day, a staggering 150,000+ songs are released on music platforms. Only 5% of the music released is being consumed. 80% of the artists have below 50 monthly listeners.


How does Muzos Platform work?

1. Every day on "Home" tab you receive music discovery tasks - a 30 second song previews.
2. To complete a music discovery task you need to listen to the full 30 seconds of the preview.
3. Completed task gives you 100 points.
4. Collect points and go to "Shop" tab to convert points into various prizes and participate in prize draws.
5. After 24 hours you will receive new tasks.

What is Muney?

Muney is the name of the points which you earn by completing music discovery tasks. Muney can be used to participate in various prize draws or claim rewards from brand offers.

Where can I try Muzos Platform?

You can sign up there:

Is there a Muzos App?

Not yet, however you can save Muzos to your "Home Screen" on the phone to get the full app experience. More can be found on Add Muzos to Home Screen page.

What is Muzos for Artist?

Muzos for Artist is a way to submit your song to Muzos Platform so that it becomes part of our unique song collection. Muzos for Artist lets you reach new listeners in just a few clicks. If you are looking to find new fans visit Muzos for Artist

How can I contact someone at Muzos?

Please email us at or use the help button in the app.