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Welcome to Muzos, the gamified music discovery platform that rewards you for exploring new sounds. Sign up now and win rewards while exploring new music!

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Meet the Prizes

Muzos partners with variety of brands to offer you valuable prizes.

Let's fix music industry together

Each day, a staggering 150,000+ songs are released on music platforms. Only 5% of the music released is being consumed. 80% of the artists have below 50 monthly listeners.


How does Muzos for Artists work?

1. Choose Your Path to Fame: Start by selecting a subscription plan that best fits your needs:
Free Tier: Get your music heard based on availability.
Advanced Tier: Up to 1,000 impressions, plus your own artist profile.
Pro Tier: Maximum exposure with 3,000 impressions and exclusive benefits.

2. Launch Your Song on Muzos: Once you've chosen your plan, submit your song to Muzos. We'll upload it to our platform, where it becomes part of our unique discovery journey. Listeners will encounter a 30-second preview of your song as a 'discovery task.'

3. Engage and Reward: As listeners enjoy your preview, they earn points, incentivizing them to engage with your music. This gamified experience not only boosts your song's reach but also creates a fun interaction for the audience.

4. Seamless Streaming Integration: If listeners are captivated by your preview, they can easily jump to their preferred streaming platform to save or listen to the full song, enhancing your streams and fan base.

5. Track Your Success: At the end of each month, receive detailed analytics about your song's performance. Gain insights into impressions, plays, conversions, likes, and profile visits to understand your audience better and refine your musical strategy.

Join Muzos and Amplify Your Musical Journey!

How does Muzos Platform work?

Every day listeners receive music discovery tasks (30 second song previews) on Muzos platform. Completing tasks earns points which can be exchanged for prizes . If they like what they hear, they can then click out of Muzos and listen to the entire song on streaming platfroms such as Spotify or Apple Music and etc.

Why would music fans want to use Muzos?

Muzos is a much more engaging platform to discover music. Listeners can collect up to 500 points each day on Muzos by completing discovery tasks. Reward points can then be used in the Muzos shop to enter valuable draws, receive discounts, free subscriptions or collect physical items.

Can I try Muzos out for myself as a music listener?

Yes, you can sign up the same way fans do here:

What are the advantages for artists being on Muzos?

Artists on Muzos have access to a growing community of potential new fans that will stream their music, follow them on DSPs and social media through our rewards system. Muzos gamifies experience for music fans to discover new artists.

Do artists need a minimum number of fans or monthly listeners to be on Muzos?

There is no minimum number of fans or monthly listeners, we have artists with as low as 10 monthly listeners and want to help artists cut through the noise of music promotion.

Do artists get their own dashboard on Muzos?

At the end of every month you will receive an email with your analytics and data. In the coming future we will email all artists with details of how to access their own dashboard when that function is available.

Can artists speak to someone from Muzos if they have any questions?

Yes, we love talking with artists. You can email us at with any questions, or you can also request a call.